Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization

Aeroengy is working on the development of different solutions and systems for automation, optimization and process digitalization. Many of these solutions and systems are based on techniques, methods and algorithms of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, which makes it possible to convert many of these solutions into Decision System Support. The objective of these solutions is to obtain a benefit for the business areas involved in an objective and efficient way (time, cost, quality, performance, …)

Aeroengy develops these End to End systems covering all phases of the life cycle (conception, development, implementation, maintenance) taking into account all the aspects involved (requirements, regulations, technological environments, user experience, definition of KPIs, …)

Aeroengy is developing and has solutions for different Sectors (Financial, Insurance, CPG, Retail, Utilities, Aeronautics …) and in different areas (Security, Financial, Procurement, Maintenance, Production, Operations, Logistics, Quality,… )

In this area of ​​R & D and Innovation, Aeroengy has developed and continues to develop solutions in Risk Management (Safety, Security, CiberRisk, CiberSecurity), Asset Management, Process and Resource Optimization, Smart Processes, Maintenance (Optimal Policies , Prescriptive, Predictive, …), Forecasting and other projects for other departments helping our clients to be more efficient and competitive.