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We accelerate the digital transformation of public and private organizations
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Digitize or die

Investing in your business’ digital transformation and technology is no longer an option… it is a necessity.

The world is moving towards a digitized future.

Many organizations invest in individual technologies and activate “digital adaptation” initiatives. What happens? They obtain less value than expected and remain stagnant.

Acquiring and implementing technology is very different from having a strategic approach that involves people, processes and company culture.

As an executive, you know that delaying your organization’s digital transformation means losing competitiveness. But working without an effective strategy will only make you waste energy, time, and money.

If you want to transform your business, you must use an infallible strategy

You need to find the tools and techniques that allow you to define a strategic vision and renew all areas of technology, involving your collaborators in the process.

Acquiring better processes and achieving a competitive advantage is less complicated than you may think. You need different types of algorithms to help you understand and take advantage of the data your organization collects.

Yes, algorithms, the great secret that all successful businesses already know and apply, with which they work better, innovate and achieve many more sales.

Unleash the power of your data with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and grow your company

At Aeroengy we help public and private organizations from all sectors in their digital transformation with our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence consulting services.

We work with leading international brands, recognized for their capacity for innovation, such as Airbus, Santander Bank or Endesa.

From the existing data, we design and implement tailor-made algorithms using Artificial Intelligence, together with Big Data platforms and software tools to improve all company processes and create value through optimal decision making.

Imagine the results you could achieve supported by our mathematical specialization and agility. Both are aspects that differentiate us from large consulting firms and make us a trusted partner for large-scale digitalisation.

Hiring our services will allow you to:

  • Have cutting-edge knowledge in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at your disposal
  • Achieve results within competitive deadlines, saving energy, time and money

We are ready to start working with your team thanks to our already proven solutions, easily customizable to your company. We can also apply mathematical techniques to propose intelligent solutions specific to your specific needs, from scratch.

Strengthen all areas of your organization with intelligent data-driven digitization and achieve:

More benefits

  • Get to know your client with 360º vision and predict their behaviour
  • Generate smart offers
  • Offer superior customer service
  • Discover new business opportunities

Better workflow

  • Improve your efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize processes
  • Manage risks
  • Achieve significant savings


  • Create innovative products or services
  • Future-proof your company tech
  • Grow exponentially

Push your business further with a smart digital strategy

The formula for your business growth is hidden in your data.

It’s time to extract its maximum potential with successful algorithms. It will/would be our pleasure to help you in this adventure. Book a call with no commitment to find out more about how we can work together.

We design algorithms and build complex systems from data, so you can work better, innovate and get more benefits.